Tajik visa application in Istanbul

If you want to travel to Tajikistan and pass through Istanbul, I can highly recommend the consulate which is located near Atatürk Airport on the western side of the city. In my case, the consulate himself received me at the entrance of the Consulate and asked me to first go to a bank around the corner to deposit the visa fee of 50 US-Dollar (possibly less if you don`t intend to travel through the Badakshan region for which you need a special permit easily obtained by mentioning your intentions to go there in the visa form). If you are lucky you get the visa on the same day (for me it was one hour)! According to some internet sources, the length of the application procedure highly depends on the presence of the (very relaxed and helpful) consule: if he is present as in my case he will give you the visa after you filled in the form, handed over two passport photographs as well as a copy of the main page of your passport and made the payment at the bank as described above. I was not asked for a letter of invitation, hotel bookings, airline tickets or the like and it is possible in the Istanbul consulate to get a 45 day instead of the usual 30 day tourist visa! In fact, I took the consule`s offer to get a visa valid for a period of 45 days (you have to specify start and end dates of the visa) of which I can use 30 days to stay in the country. It is also possible to get a visa which is fully valid for a stay of 45 days, but this may have the consequence that you have to register with the police once in the country, which is a legal requirement for foreigners staying in Tajikistan longer than 30 days. (The consule could not tell me if you also have to register if you have a 45 day visa of which you only use 30 days, i.e. you leave the country after 30 days; I suspect it highly depends on how the border official controlling you on departure interprets the law and I wanted to make sure to avoid trouble).

In a nutshell:
– documents: 2 passport photographs, 1 copy of main page of passport; (filled-in application form you will get in the consulate)
– costs: 50 USD (includes Badakshan permit); deposit at a branch of Yapi Credi bank close to the consulate
– Length of Tourist visa issued: 30 to 45 days (multiple entries optional)
(Please note that costs and required documents may vary for different nationalities; I have a German passport)
– application duration: as little as 1 hour if consule is present; if consule is absent you may have to come back to pick up the visa a few days later (according to other reports)
– address: Billur Sokok No. 16 (close to Florya Cd. west of Atatürk airport)
– one possibility to get there: take Metrobüs to the station Florya Cd.; from there walk 10 minutes to Billur Sokok

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